Who we are

Dibasun Trading Co

Dibasun trading co was founded in 2017 using he experiences and potentials gained in the past years by founders in the field of International Commerce, with the goal of supplying the raw materials for Iran’s industry and exporting domestic products around the world. In short, we have made strong business relations among the neighbor countries and close ties with international companies and attract their trust to accomplish our objectives.


Dibasun is considered as a reliable business parner for well-known brands in the world and it can be a representative for foreign products.International companies can use Dibasun to enter Iran’s market and broaden their commodeties among 85 million populations in Iran.


Dibasun benefits the potential of the Iran’s agriculture market and chooses the most qualified raw materials to produce its desired products to be different, repectful to the customer and spotted in global markt. We target our customers in the glob with respect not with products. We can produce and supply each of our products at least 500 mt in a month and it can be increased by our partner’s demands.


Developing our trademark we produce in huge amount with premium quality canned foods like Tomato Paste, Pinto beans, corn, mixed vegetables.
Using top rank materials and packaging obsessively targeting countries with high quality standards like Qatar, UAE, IRAQ, Russia and US.

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